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    Bluetooth: It's Everywhere in Your Home Office

    4 Questions to Ask When Constructing a New Courtroom

    Gym Rats and Other Open Office Dilemmas

    Tips for Keeping the Home Office Employee Professionally Connected

    Can Plantscaping Cure the Ills of the Open Office?

    Increase Productivity and Health with Plants in the Workplace

    Is Your Courthouse Able to Handle Multi-Defendant Proceedings?

    Overcoming the Stigmas of a Virtual Company

    Caffeine vs. Cardio: The Key to Afternoon Workplace Productivity

    Overworking from Home

    Why Not Place the Judge’s Bench at Floor Level?

    6 Integrated Building Design Criteria for Evaluating Schematics

    What You Need to Know About USB Cables in Your Home Office

    "Space Invaders" in Your Open Office? Miss Manners to the Rescue!

    Employees Are Not Sardines: Don't Pack Them Into Your Open Office

    The Eudaimonia Machine - An Office Space Concept for the 21st Century?

    Tips for Offices with No Security [Infographic]

    The Open Office - Can it be Saved?

    Physical Security Tips for the Home Office

    Standing in Judgment: A Modern Judge's Bench

    Open Office Antics Getting You Down? Follow These Tips

    The Open Plan Office (and the Architectural Drafting Room) – Why Do They Continue to Thrive?

    How Multi-tasking Kills Productivity and What to do About It

    Virtual Office in Paradise - Why Not?

    Why Use a Professional to Install Your Workplace Security System?

    Is Your Courtroom User-Friendly?

    How to Secure School Buildings [Infographic]

    8 Things to Work Out Before You Work Out of Your Home

    Don't Help your Assailant by Neglecting your Security

    Reducing Space Doesn’t Always Lower Rent for Federal Agencies

    What to Do When There Is No Security in Your Office

    Six Essential Spaces for Stress-free Jurors!

    Tips for Avoiding Distractions in the Home Office

    Solutions for Correcting a Common Courthouse Security Problem

    Beyond Architecture: Courthouse History, Community, and People

    School Security Should be as Important as Courthouse Security

    Has Your Office Gone to the Dogs? Mind your Open Office Manners!

    Can Courthouse Circulation be User-Friendly - Absolutely!

    Are Your Jurors Comfortable Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

    Remote Work Policies Reduce Sick Leave

    Creating a User-friendly Courthouse Lobby

    A Holistic Process for Managing the Performance of Remote Employees

    Courthouse Design Tips: Creating a User-friendly Exterior

    Home Office Design Tips from The Brady Bunch? Groovy!

    Who’s the Boss in Your Open Office?

    Fido in the Home Office: Friend or Foe?

    Courtroom Security is Knocking at the Door

    Nosy Bosses, Loud Clothes, and the Office Outcast: Open Office Dilemmas

    Top 4 Reasons to Automate Your Court Design Guide Standards

    The Building Blocks of Courthouse Organization

    What Remote Employees Can Do to Build Trust with Their Managers

    Pathways to Justice: Courthouse Circulation

    User–Friendliness as an Emerging Courthouse Design Trend

    Confessions of a Home Office Worker's Daughter

    Open Offices Can Cause Anxiety - What Can Be Done?

    The Courtroom Set: A Vital Part of Courthouse Planning

    Flexible Workplaces – A Great Recruiting Tool

    The Architect and the Court Planning Consultant: A Match Made in Heaven

    Time Management in the Home Office: Three Mind Hacks

    Saving the Planet, One Home Office at a Time

    Case Study: Even Judges Can Surrender Space to Save Money

    Open Office Design in Cities Left Behind

    The Greatest Challenge in Managing Remote Employees: Inflexibility

    How to Combat the Spread of Germs in the Open Office Environment

    Why You Should Go All-In on a Telework Policy

    Dear Miss Open Office Manners, Part 3

    Courtroom Design for Handicap Access

    Remote Workforce? 5 Disaster Recovery Steps to Take Now

    3 Keys to a Successful Open Office Space Transition Project

    Is working from home killing your social life? 4 tips to stay engaged

    Nobody Puts Judge in a Corner (Bench)… Or Do They?

    Working from a Home Office: Preparing for the Apocalypse

    To Open Office … Or Not to Open Office (with heartfelt apologies to Shakespeare)

    3 Principles for the Remote Manager, Plus a Secret

    Can Teleworking Solve Your Small Business Staffing Problems?

    An Open Office Design Can Provide Privacy: Fact or Fiction?

    Dear Miss Open Office Manners, Take 2

    Blending In: How Can a Courthouse Design Reflect the Community?

    Six Workforce and IT Trends That Are Changing Remote IT Support

    We the Jury ... Require a Proper Jury Box Design

    Which Management Style is Best for the Open Office Environment?

    Achieving Zen: Tips for Wellness in the Home Office

    Courtroom Mock-Up: Key to Unlocking Successful Design

    Courthouse Planning: What’s Your Next Move?

    Low-Cost Office Makeovers: Redesign on a Dime!

    Is Your Courtroom Design Intimidating?

    8 Most Important Features of Courtroom Holding Cells

    Dear Miss Open Office Manners

    How to Put the WORK Back Into Telework

    Courthouse Technology: Paper Files to Virtual Trials

    5 Ways to Protect Your Company from its Biggest Threat: Remote Workers

    We Won't Get Cubed Again: The History of the Open Office

    Bridging the Generation Gap in the Open Office

    No Secure Corridors? How to Make the Best of Bad Prisoner Circulation

    Create an Open Office Plan that Works for Everyone

    Could the New Administration Boost the Use of Public-Private Partnerships for Courthouse Funding?

    Get Analysts and Architects on the Same Team for your Space Transition Project

    Are Your Jury Facilities Guilty of Neglect? The Verdict is In

    Tomorrow's Office: How Virtual Will the Reality Be?

    Transitioning from Court Work to Telework

    Is Vacant Space an Undiscovered Asset in your Office?

    Building Upon History: A Historic Courthouse Renovation Success Story

    Videoconferencing – Today’s Telework Conference Room

    Historic Courthouse Design v. Modern Prisoner Circulation Requirements

    Open Office Space Transition: A Tale of Two Managers

    Do Performance Metrics Have a Role in Courthouse Design? You Be the Judge

    Evolution vs. Free-Will: What Drives Our Office Space Design Preferences?

    Problem-Solving Courts Need Problem-Solving Courtrooms

    Square Peg in a Round Hole: Adjusting to a Space Transition Project

    What Is a Court Planning Consultant?

    How to Make an Open Office More Successful? Allow Telecommuting

    Give Me A (Coffee) Break! Importance of the Courthouse Staff Breakroom

    Survey Says: Employee Feedback Vital for Open Office Project

    Something Old, Something New: Adaptive Reuse for Courthouses

    Take Up the Slack: Improve Communications with Remote Teams

    Courthouse Detention: Providing Security for All – Including Defendants

    Math Is Not a Four-Letter Word When It Comes to Open Office Design

    Evidence Presentation Systems: Design Solutions for Small Courtrooms

    Design Psychology: Connecting People to the Workplace

    How Analysis Drives Courthouse Design

    Beach Blanket Bingo: Why Giving Up Office Space Can Be So Hard

    Caseload Management Can Lead to Better Courtroom Utilization

    The Modern Mobile Workers: Going Back to the Future?

    Spaced Out: How Increasing Workload Affects Courthouse Space Needs

    Resistance to Change: The Open Office Space Transition Tug-Of-War

    You Don’t Need Judge Judy to Be the People’s Court

    There is an App for That: 8 Great Apps for Remote Workers

    Top Space Concerns: How Does Your Courthouse Measure Up? [Infographic]

    Collaboration in Open Offices: Opportunity or Obligation?

    Back to the Future: How Will Technology Shape Our Courtrooms?

    Collaboration FAIL: Success Is Dependent on More Than Just Design

    Want to Get Out of Court? Safety Tips for Courtroom Emergency Egress

    Over Collaboration in the Open Office: Sometimes Even Superheroes Need Their Space

    Safety First: 5 Critical Courtroom Security Procedures

    Easy as Pi: Calculating Open Office Space Needs

    Nothing but the Truth: The Witness Stand in Courtroom Design

    5 “Creative” Employee Responses to Open Office Design

    Recipe for Successful Courthouse Planning: Equal Parts Analysis and Architecture

    One Size Doesn’t Fit All - What Are Your Office Space Transformation Goals?

    The Historic Roots of American Courtroom Design

    Open Office Design: No Introvert Left Behind

    Confessions of a Deputy Clerk of Court: Pro se Litigants and Court Efficiency

    Mindful Offices: Using Design Psychology to Create Better Workplaces

    Under Indictment: Is the Condition of Your Grand Jury Suite a Crime?

    8 Essential Technologies for Remote Workers

    Electronic Case Filing - Take Out the Intake

    Metrorail Shutdown? Avoid a Meltdown via Telework!

    The Sallyport Strengthens the Weakest Link in the Prisoner Movement Chain

    Law Office on the Move: Doing Better Business through Mobile Office Design

    Jury Deliberation: Room to Think

    The Home Office: Wrecking the Planet, or Doing a World of Good?

    Apples and Oranges: Separating Prisoners and the Public in Your Courthouse

    Going, Going, Gone! The Vanishing Company Office

    Avoid Runaway Jurors with a Welcoming Jury Assembly Area

    Open Office Space: Everyone's Doing It... But Does That Make It Right?

    Not Even Frank Lloyd Wright Could do a Regression Analysis for Your Courthouse

    Mobile Matters: How Flexible Offices Benefit Law Practices

    The Ruling is in: High Tech Mobile Law Offices Really Work

    It Is Critical to Be Able to Think Inside the Box

    Change Your Office, Change Your Life

    Enlightened Justice: Daylighting in Courtrooms

    A Judge's Personality Comes out in the Chambers through Artifacts and Collections

    2 Ways Your Courthouse Can Give to the Community

    New Courthouse Projects Begin at the Starting Gate

    Who you Gonna Call? Architect vs Court Planning Consultant

    10 Symptoms of a Courthouse Out of Space

    Mediating Your Way to Fewer Courtrooms

    Would Your Judges Dare to Share Courtrooms?

    Space: The File Frontier - New Uses for Your Vacant File Rooms

    Orange Isn’t the New Black: Dressing Room for Defendants

    Using Forecasts in the Courthouse Planning Process

    Population Trends, Court Workload and Courthouse Planning

    Successful Courthouse Planning Requires a Team with a Common Vision

    What is Courthouse Planning?

    Can a Courthouse Be Developed Through a Public-Private Partnership?

    Ideal Layout for Videoconference Hearing Rooms

    Videoconference Hearing Rooms Increase Security and Decrease Costs in Courthouses

    Courthouse Metrics: Closing the Courthouse Performance Measure Gap

    Courthouse Metrics: How Good (or Bad) is my Courthouse?

    Top 3 Technology System Concerns that Impact Courthouse Proceedings

    3 Most Common Courthouse Condition Concerns

    3 Most Common Courthouse Security Concerns

    3 Ways American Courthouses Do Not Meet Space Standards

    Top 3 Space Functionality Concerns in American Courthouses

    Courthouse Performance Metrics: An Introduction

    Separate Courthouse Circulation Is Key to Bringing Participants Together in the Courtroom

    Courtroom Layout Considerations: Where to Place the Judge's Bench

    Designing for Differences: Considering Employee Demographics When Planning an Open Office

    What Requirements Should Be Designed into Modern Office Space?

    Does Modern Office Design Meet Basic Human Needs?

    Reducing Courthouse Operational Costs through Good Design

    Planning for Mobile Offices: Effective Office Layouts for Employees Who Often Work Remotely

    Planning for Mobile Offices

    Office Furniture and Facilities Layout for Employees that Perform Focused Work

    Different Work Practices Accommodated Through Mobile Office Neighborhoods

    Open Office Design Influenced by Work Practices

    OMB’s Space Reduction Plans: An Even Smaller Footprint for the Federal Government

    Managing Matters of Privacy in the Flexible Office

    Privacy in Collaborative Spaces

    Can Open Offices Offer Privacy?

    Is Mobile Office Privacy a Measure of Employee Satisfaction?

    Flexibility is the Future of Workplace Innovation

    2 Collaborative Spaces for the Mobile Office

    2 Open Office Space Types for Focused Work

    Mobile Work Practices and the Rapidly Evolving OPEN Office Environment

    Upgrading the Courthouse Mailroom

    Mailroom Safety Standards for Courthouses

    The Courthouse Role in Economic Development

    Blind Justice at the Courthouse

    Courthouse Art

    Courthouse Security Screening Accessibility

    Courtroom Accessibility

    Historic Preservation and ADAAG Guidelines: Courthouse Entrances

    Reducing Space in the Clerk's Office

    Probation and Parole Office Space Reduction


    Does Your Courtroom Fit?

    Downsizing the Courthouse Library

    3 Keys to Transition from a Traditional to Open Office

    Life-Safety Courthouse Circulation Issues

    Security and Courthouse Circulation

    3 Key Concepts for Mobility in open office design

    Older Courthouse Circulation Issues

    Helping Employees Make the Transition to a more Open and mobile Office

    Judge's Chambers Renovation - Exploring Creative Solutions

    Internal Circulation Issues with the Judge's Chambers

    Transitioning to a Mobile Work Environment

    Meeting Courtroom Design Standards: FINDING ELBOW ROOM for the courtroom

    Complications for federal agencies when releasing space to gsa

    Why Build Collegial Judge's Chambers?

    RELEASING SPACE TO GSA IS Not as Easy as "Lock and Walk"

    Renovating the Judge Chambers in Limited Space

    Courtroom Renovation the Green Way

    Courtroom Technology

    Courtroom Lighting

    Improving Courtroom HVAC Delivery

    Solutions to External Noise Distractions in Courtrooms

    Acoustical Solutions to Courtroom Noise Distractions

    Is Your Space Reduction Strategy Really Saving Rent?

    Courtrooms: Does One Size Fit All?

    4 Analytics for Reporting Space Reduction Progress

    Aligning Access Points for Trial Courtrooms

    Monitoring Performance for a Successful Space Reduction Program

    Challenges to Office Space Reduction Modeling

    Justice May be Blind but Judges Still Must be Able to See in the Courtroom

    Role of a court planning consultant

    Fitting a Courtroom into Existing Space by Limiting Functions & Activities

    Modeling Space Reduction for a Portfolio of Facilities

    Fitting a Courtroom into Existing Space: Limiting User Capacity

    Fitting a Courtroom into Existing Space Using Flexible Furniture

    Simulating Space Reduction through a Space Utilization Model

    Freeze the Footprint - Space Reduction Strategy

    Applying Space Standards to Courthouse Construction and Renovation

    Updating Rent Records and GSA Occupancy Agreements: Challenges to Freeze the Footprint

    GSA Space Re-Measurements: Challenges to Freeze the Footprint Compliance

    Pipeline Projects Pose a Challenge to Freeze the Footprint

    Overview of Freeze the Footprint Compliance for Federal Agencies

    Chaotic Cats in the Home Office

    Working from Home with Dogs

    Trust-Based Management for Employees Working from Home

    Setting up Home Office Boundaries

    Who Should Work from Home?

    The Balance Between Work Life and Home Life

    The Virtual Company is Becoming More Mainstream