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Alan Ruby

Alan Ruby joined Fentress in 2002 and is one of the company's senior architects. He combines an extensive knowledge of architecture and the built environment with analytical skills. Alan is an avid scuba diver and cyclist, and a long-time collector of abstract art.

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There are two factors that must be considered in the design of detention facilities for a new courthouse or for an existing courthouse undergoing renovation: (1) providing security for court staff, judges, courthouse security personnel, attorneys, and the public; and (2) providing detention...




Does your courtroom have the design and technology needed to provide security during a criminal trial? Check out these 5 courtroom security procedures to find out.

Maintaining security throughout a courthouse is important for the safety of judges, court employees, law enforcement staff, and the...




You can learn a lot from post-project evaluations – what was successful, what didn’t work out quite as well, what mistakes to avoid in the future, etc. These evaluations can also provide an informative, and sometimes amusing, view of human behavior, and the creative ways that occupants end up...




When courthouse planners, architects, or court managers consider various possibilities for the layout of a new courtroom, how far from historic norms should they expect to depart? There has clearly been a strong thread of consistency in the form and function of American courtrooms from colonial...



In courthouses where electronic case filing (ECF) has been implemented, the once bustling clerk of court intake area has become a mere shadow of its former self – but not in a bad way. Can electronic case filing (ECF) similarly alter the clerk’s intake area in your courthouse?