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Alan Ruby

Alan Ruby joined Fentress in 2002 and is one of the company's senior architects. He combines an extensive knowledge of architecture and the built environment with analytical skills. Alan is an avid scuba diver and cyclist, and a long-time collector of abstract art.

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During my courthouse site assessments, the security personnel who accompany me often tell me that the facility used for unloading and loading transport vehicles at the prisoner entrance can be the weakest link in the chain of prisoner movements.

Moving a prisoner from the entrance to the...




I’ve posted about my attorney’s downtown Washington, D.C. law firm opening a satellite office in northern Virginia that was specifically designed for mobility.

This mobility-oriented law office, described in The Ruling is In and Mobile Matters, continues to break the mold.

In a recent...



Achieving fair and impartial results in the American judicial system is heavily dependent – perhaps principally dependent – on the collective wisdom of the jury. The environment provided by the jury deliberation room is an essential factor in supporting (or not supporting) the jury’s ability to...




Recently, I wrote Going, Going, Gone! The Vanishing Company Office and proudly described my home office as an example of the trend toward greater workforce mobility. Shortly after writing the article, however, I read a Chicago Tribune piece titled: Those Days You Work from Home May End up...



Although unnerving, it is not an uncommon occurrence for me to meet up with prisoners (in-custody defendants) face-to-face while waiting for an elevator in courthouses. Typically, when this happens, the elevator doors open and I am directed by court security personnel to step aside while the...