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Tips for Offices with No Security [Infographic]

by Keith Fentress / October 18, 2018

By Keith Fentress (President, Fentress Inc.) and Mike Jones (President, Major Security Consulting and Design, LLC)

Many workplaces choose not to have physical security. The reasons could include: lack of funds, the concern that visible security will be off-putting to clientele, and the hope that nothing will happen that requires security. Regardless of the reason, your workplace can still have security procedures in the event of a crisis. This infographic presents five tips for workplaces to stay safe, even if there is no formal security.

Tips for No Security FINAL ver

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Keith Fentress

Keith Fentress

Keith Fentress is the founder and president of Fentress Incorporated. He has an extensive history of consulting to real property organizations. His skills include organizational development, program evaluation, and business process improvement. He enjoys outdoor pursuits like backpacking, canoeing, and snorkeling.