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8 Things to Work Out Before You Work Out of Your Home

Posted by Ron Seibel on Aug 2, 2018

Topics: Remote IT Support

By Ron Seibel, IT Manager

If your company has a telecommuting policy that allows you to work from home under certain circumstances, there are things you can do to make yourself a good work-from-home candidate from an IT perspective. In general, the best telecommuters are self-motivated, comfortable communicating electronically, and capable of troubleshooting basic IT issues with little or no assistance. The IT comfort level of the remote worker may be the most important aspect of a successful work-at-home experience.

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Why You Should Go All-In on a Telework Policy

Posted by Danny Rupp on Nov 16, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Telecommuting Policy, Space Transition, Telework, Remote IT Support

By Danny Rupp, Web Developer/Architectural Designer

So after months – or even years – of deliberation and back and forth with employees, you’ve decided to allow telework in your office. But where do you begin? Do you just let people start working from home on random days? How will everyone know what is expected of them? Are there guidelines that employees should follow? And how do you balance the needs of the office and ensure that the spirit of the telework program is understood and followed?

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Remote Workforce? 5 Disaster Recovery Steps to Take Now

Posted by Ron Seibel on Oct 26, 2017

Topics: Home Office, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Remote IT Support, remote manager

By Ron Seibel, IT Manager

In the literal wake of this summer’s string of natural disasters, including hurricanes and floods in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as out-of-control wildfires in California, maintaining safeguards for your remote employees is critical. Even if none of your employees telework, you most likely have policies and protocols in place to protect your corporate data and office environment when potential disaster is impending. When you add remote employees to the mix, similar protocols should be developed and followed to ensure Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) among your remote locations after the unthinkable happens.

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3 Principles for the Remote Manager, Plus a Secret

Posted by Keith Fentress on Sep 14, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Remote IT Support, Telework, Virtual Workforce, remote manager



By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

This article focuses on the remote manager – and I’m not talking about the guy sitting down the hall in the big corner office who is psychologically distant and intimidating. I’m talking about the manager supervising staff members who are spread across multiple remote locations - something I’ve been doing for 30 years.

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Six Workforce and IT Trends That Are Changing Remote IT Support

Posted by Ron Seibel on Aug 10, 2017

Topics: Space Transition, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Telework, Remote IT Support


By Ron Seibel, IT Manager

In my 25 years of providing IT support to remote workers, I’ve seen industry trends come and go. For example, in the early 1990s (pre-Internet), remote IT support included running second phone lines, installing modems in desktop PCs, and educating users on baud rates and handshaking protocols. Our company hosted a private dial-in bulletin board system for file sharing and we used floppy disks and Zip drives for storage. Today, remote support includes Internet router setup and providing remote file storage in this thing called the Cloud!

But what does the future hold for remote IT support and mobile workers? Here are six workforce and IT trends to consider when planning for the future.

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