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Transitioning from Court Work to Telework

Posted by Keith Fentress on Mar 16, 2017

Topics: Courthouse Technology, Courthouse Mobile Workforce Solutions

By Mary Talley, Senior Court Analyst

In recent years, teleworking has become an increasingly popular trend. Organizations are shrinking office space and dramatically reducing rent budgets. While there will always be jobs that cannot be done remotely – retail work, positions that require direct customer contact, etc. – most are candidates for some degree of telework. But is the position of court clerk a good candidate? I believe the answer is YES (with some parameters, which I’ll discuss in this blog).

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Math Is Not a Four-Letter Word When It Comes to Open Office Design

Posted by Keith Fentress on Nov 17, 2016

Topics: Courthouse Mobile Workforce Solutions, Open Office Design

By Pam Kendall, Senior Analyst

As someone who has both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in statistics, you would expect me to argue the importance of math when planning space and designing an open office. I also know that just mentioning the words mathematical forecasting would make most people want to stop reading this blog. But stick with me for a few minutes and give me the chance to show you just how important the application of math to forecasting personnel growth and policy change is in space planning. (I promise not to start rattling off a bunch of statistical terms or arcane formulas!)

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Reducing Space in the Clerk's Office

Posted by Keith Fentress on Dec 25, 2014

Topics: Courthouse Space Standards and Functionality, Courthouse Mobile Workforce Solutions, Courthouse Space Reduction and Utilization

In my previous blog on courthouse space reduction, I discussed how mobility and workspace sharing practices can be applied to probation and parole offices. In this post, I will address the potential for reducing space in a clerk’s office. Although probation and parole offices are similar to the clerks office in that they both reside primarily in office space, these office types have one key difference. In probation and parole offices, mobile work practices are an inherent characteristic of the officers’ daily routine. This is not the case with most clerks’ office staff. However, many clerks office staff might be able to engage in mobile work practices and, thus, support workplace sharing if office policies and procedures were to encourage this practice.

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Probation and Parole Office Space Reduction

Posted by Keith Fentress on Dec 18, 2014

Topics: Courthouse Space Standards and Functionality, Courthouse Space Reduction and Utilization, Courthouse Mobile Workforce Solutions

As noted in our Courthouse Space Reduction post, many space reduction practices can be effectively applied to courthouse components occupying office space such as a probation and parole office, clerk’s office, and other office space functions. Let’s consider the probation and parole office first.

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