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Matt Hemphill

During Matt’s career, he has been involved in many successful projects and facility types, such as courthouses, land ports of entry, hospitals, outpatient medical office buildings, assisted living facilities, and general office space for large corporations. Matt enjoys music and running, and likes to cook.

Recent Posts

As a court planner, I am frequently involved in the initial planning stages of new courthouses. Clients often respond that incorporating daylighting is important when considering design goals. I couldn't agree more. In my view, one location offers the best potential for incorporating daylight—the...


As a court planner, I am frequently faced with helping clients understand whether or not their historic courthouse is a viable long-term housing solution for them.  The challenges faced by courts who operate in older courthouses highlight a common dilemma that I see across the country. 


I have to acknowledge a struggle I have been dealing with for the last two years as a court planner. Will courts embrace the technologies that arose during the pandemic and reduce the size and number of courtrooms, or will they maintain the status quo?

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Courthouses are places where legal proceedings occur, often involving emotionally charged participants. Having a well-designed security screening area is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone inside the courthouse, including judges, lawyers, jurors, witnesses, and the public. 


A courthouse plays a crucial role in upholding justice and maintaining law and order in our society. It is a bustling environment where individuals seek legal remedies, attend hearings, pay fines, and participate in the judicial process. It can be an intimidating place. We have written blogs in the...