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Can Courthouse Circulation be User-Friendly - Absolutely!

Posted by Alan Ruby on May 24, 2018

Topics: courthouse design, courthouse circulation


By Alan S. Ruby, Senior Architect

Just walking through a courthouse can be a stressful experience for a visitor. Whether being called as a witness or to serve on a jury, or just picking up documents from the clerk’s office, the serious nature of a courthouse can be intimidating. This article focuses on the steps that can be taken by architects and courthouse planners to ensure that public hallways create a welcoming positive impression for the visitor and are user-friendly.

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The Building Blocks of Courthouse Organization

Posted by Alan Ruby on Mar 1, 2018

Topics: courthouse design, courthouse circulation, courthouse adjacencies


By Alan S. Ruby, Senior Architect

The design of every building is a puzzle. Courthouses are no exception. All the pieces need to fit in a way that make sense and that help guide us through the building. The building blocks of courthouse organization include which pieces are located on the ground floor versus upper floors. And which pieces need to, or in some cases shouldn’t be, located near one another (i.e., adjacencies). A well-organized courthouse has all the puzzle pieces in the right places, which enhances the delivery of justice.

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