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Tips to Stay on Top of Workplace Security [Infographic]

by Keith Fentress / June 13, 2019
By Keith Fentress (President, Fentress Inc.) and Mike Jones (President, Major Security Consulting and Design, LLC)

Unfortunately, the maintenance and update of security systems and policies are often overlooked due to more pressing day-to-day urgencies.  When we hear about a tragic incident in the news, it often makes us stop to think about workplace security.  Such an incident occurred late last month in a shooting by an employee in a municipal center in Virginia Beach.

This terrible incident is a reminder that we all need to refresh our security policies and systems so we can prevent tragedies from occurring and keep employees safe.

The following infographic presents a list of five tips to stay on top of your security policies and practices.


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Keith Fentress

Keith Fentress

Keith Fentress is the founder and president of Fentress Incorporated. He has an extensive history of consulting to real property organizations. His skills include change management, program evaluation, and business process improvement. He enjoys adventure travel and outdoor pursuits like backpacking, canoeing, and snorkeling.