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Donna Chaney

Donna Chaney has been with Fentress since 2001 and provides senior project management, analytical, and program support. She has experience developing communications and operations strategies, analyzing and presenting data, and performing quantitative and qualitative analysis and research. She also supports the company’s business development and marketing activities and provides technical writing and editing support to other company projects. Donna has a bachelor’s of science degree and a master’s degree, both in business administration. She enjoys reading, cooking, exercising, and spending time with her children.

Recent Posts

Navigating the latest trends in teleworking, mobility, and open office concepts and deciding what's best for your organization can be challenging for an organization’s management team. However, before considering the details, the management team must stop and ask: What solution best fits the goals...


In our last blog on this topic, we discussed the time frame to release space through “lock and walk” projects (space reductions that do not require construction projects). This post will address space reduction projects that require demolition and construction.


Federal agencies that are reducing space might believe that compiling an accurate space inventory and identifying facilities for space reduction or closure are the most complicated steps in the program. These pieces are challenging and critical to the effort's overall success of the effort, but...