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Donna Chaney

Donna Chaney has been with Fentress since 2001 and provides senior project management, analytical, and program support. She has experience developing communications and operations strategies, analyzing and presenting data, and performing quantitative and qualitative analysis and research. She also supports the company’s business development and marketing activities and provides technical writing and editing support to other company projects. Donna has a bachelor’s of science degree and a master’s degree, both in business administration. She enjoys reading, cooking, exercising, and spending time with her children.

Recent Posts

By Donna Chaney, Senior Consultant/Furniture Concept Illustrations by Susan L. Ruby

Office renovation projects are a great opportunity to transform a traditional office into a modern, updated office that provides new ways to work and collaborate. But what if you don’t have the time or money for a...


If your organization has undergone a space transition, you most likely followed a typical path. First, you gathered input from managers and perhaps even staff about their needs and preferences. Next, you may have worked with a planner to identify the required square footage. After these initial...


When an organization undergoes a space transition project / open office project, there’s a lot of discussion about workstations, shared spaces, collaborative and team areas, and employee mobility. But what if you’re an employee wondering how you’re going to work in the new spaces, or how you’ll...


Once you stake out your space on the beach, it’s really hard to make room for others who show up later in the day with their own set of blankets, coolers, and sand shovels. Giving up office space for a shared workspace can be just as hard.


There is a decade-long trend of collaborative workspaces designed to support mobile work, and a growing proportion of the workforce is as comfortable working in a corner coffee shop or airport waiting area as they are in a physical office. Yet I still routinely encounter managers who view ...