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Apps that Promote Productive Telework [Infographic]

by Keith Fentress / October 1, 2020

Key factors of successful telework include organization and communication. You don't need a digital application for either of these, but I have found that apps can greatly help.

I've been teleworking for over three decades. The list of applications in the infographic below presents an ecosystem I have found to promote effective organization and communication. Many apps have been tried over the years - these have emerged as our current “best fit” for telework success.


Telework Applications Infograpgic FINAL2
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Keith Fentress

Keith Fentress

Keith Fentress is the founder and president of Fentress Incorporated. He has an extensive history of consulting to real property organizations. His skills include organizational development, program evaluation, and business process improvement. He enjoys outdoor pursuits like backpacking, canoeing, and snorkeling.