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    Employee mobility, telework, and flexible workspaces have been on the rise for the past decade (at least), and for good reason. These arrangements offer many benefits – enhanced collaboration opportunities, easier interaction among co-workers and managers, reduced space and facility costs, and...


    Open workplaces are all over the place these days and with elements like employee work lounges, collaboration pods, and even nap rooms, what’s not to like! Yet despite all the benefits of open offices (and the many innovative concepts), there are just as many criticisms of this type of layout....


    By Danny Rupp, Web Developer/Architectural Designer

    Several years ago, I worked on a survey of employees for an organization, including a number of lawyers. Nearly unanimously, their replies indicated that they could not work in an open office because they required privacy for their jobs. That...


    By Donna Chaney, Senior Consultant

    Furniture Concept Illustrations by Susan L. Ruby


    Office renovation projects are a great opportunity to transform a traditional office into a modern, updated office that provides new ways to work and collaborate. But what if you don’t have the time or money...

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    With the rise in the popularity of trendy open offices, you may feel like you’re on the bleeding edge of the latest architectural style that will disappear as soon as another idea comes along. But the open office design isn’t a new concept at all. In fact, it’s been around for over a century.