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Tips for Avoiding Distractions in the Home Office

Posted by Trish Lomonosov on Jun 28, 2018

Topics: Virtual Workforce, Home Office


By Trish Lomonosov, Senior Analyst/Planner

You’ve finally done it. After years of making the case that you could be just as productive – if not more so – from a home office, your boss has finally agreed. A great deal of your argument rested on the fact that there are fewer distractions in a home office. In a traditional office, a steady stream of coworkers stops in to chat every time a random thought pops into their head. Thoughts like, “Did you cry your eyes out during This is Us last night?” or “I hear polyester is coming back!” Your lunch buddies start tossing around the day’s options mid-morning. Salad? Sandwiches? Get crazy and eat sushi on a Tuesday? And then there are THE MEETINGS! Meetings that take place just because that’s what people who work in an office do. Whether it makes sense or not, they meet. Who needs all the distractions!??

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Confessions of a Home Office Worker's Daughter

Posted by Sierra Fentress on Feb 1, 2018

Topics: Virtual Workforce, Telecommuting Policy, Home Office


By Sierra Fentress, daughter of Keith Fentress (President, Fentress Inc.)

I was prompted to write this blog per my father’s request, and being a 17-year-old high school senior, I figure now is as good a time as ever to get published somewhere (even if it is only via my dad’s company blog). So, I am here to tell you all what you’ve clearly been dying to know: what is it like to be the child of a parent who works from home? I hope you enjoy.

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Saving the Planet, One Home Office at a Time

Posted by Trish Lomonosov on Dec 21, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce, Home Office


By Trish Lomonosov, Senior Analyst / Planner

Global Warming. Carbon Footprint. Greenhouse Gases. These terms have sparked debate and become somewhat politicized in recent years. Regardless of whether you believe that significant damage can result from the earth’s warming or whether you remain skeptical, you still may have stopped to ask yourself what you can do to help the environment. Establishing an eco-friendly home office and adopting some simple, commonsense practices can have a positive impact on the sustainability of Mother Earth. Even if helping the environment is not the primary reason for establishing a home office, the eco-friendly benefits are certainly a plus.

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The Greatest Challenge in Managing Remote Employees: Inflexibility

Posted by Keith Fentress on Nov 30, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce, remote manager, Home Office


By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

There are many challenges to remote work, including setting up boundaries between work and home life, having a dedicated office space, and helping employees feel connected to the organization. In this article, I propose what I see as the greatest challenge in managing remote employees – inflexibility. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge advocate of the home office and still dream of the day when telecommuting is the norm. But inflexibility is an issue I struggle with both in my own work habits and in managing a team of remote employees.

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Is working from home killing your social life? 4 tips to stay engaged

Posted by Alison Jones on Oct 12, 2017

Topics: Virtual Workforce, Telework, Home Office


By Alison Jones, Lead Consultant

The other day, a colleague floated me an article about the Japanese concept of ikigai, which essentially translates into your “reason for being.” To achieve full ikigai, four parts of your life must align: your passion, your mission, your profession, and your vocation. When this happens, your life is lived with joy. The article goes on to talk about five areas of the world, sometimes referred to as Blue Zones, where people live the longest and seem to achieve ikigai. Okinawa and other longevity hotspots around the world have been identified as the Blue Zones. Studies show that one of the most important characteristics shared by these Blue Zones is a very high degree of social engagement.

As someone who has worked from a home office for 20 years, this got me thinking. Is working from a home office blocking my path to ikigai? Am I missing out on essential social interactions that could be happening every Monday through Friday from 9 to 5? And from a broader perspective, is the widespread use of the home office turning us into recluses who lack social skills, as we shave years off our lives?

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3 Principles for the Remote Manager, Plus a Secret

Posted by Keith Fentress on Sep 14, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce, Telework, Remote IT Support, remote manager



By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

This article focuses on the remote manager – and I’m not talking about the guy sitting down the hall in the big corner office who is psychologically distant and intimidating. I’m talking about the manager supervising staff members who are spread across multiple remote locations - something I’ve been doing for 30 years.

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Can Teleworking Solve Your Small Business Staffing Problems?

Posted by Alan Ruby on Sep 7, 2017

Topics: Space Transition, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce, Telework


By Alan S. Ruby, Senior Architect

The monthly unemployment rate gets a lot of attention from the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and of course from the Federal Reserve. But there is another side of the employment coin that does not get as much attention. Still, it is a concern that is equally important to our nation’s economic well-being: filling empty positions with qualified employees to maintain full productivity.

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Achieving Zen: Tips for Wellness in the Home Office

Posted by Alison Jones on Jul 20, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce



By Alison Jones, Lead Consultant

Wellness means different things to different people. Regardless of how you define it, or how you try to achieve it, I think we can agree on one thing. We all want to be well. Whether your path to wellness consists of Bikram yoga, a gluten-free diet, or the daily crossword puzzle, you’re on a conscious or subconscious quest for wellness. But what about wellness in the workplace?

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How to Put the WORK Back Into Telework

Posted by Danny Rupp on Jun 1, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce


By Danny Rupp, Web Developer/Architectural Designer

Many people who telework do so only when they need to be home for a personal reason, such as a FedEx delivery or a sick child. The initial reaction managers and coworkers alike may have is skepticism. They’re thinking, with an eye roll, “Today sure won’t be Steve’s most productive day.” The sentiment is a valid one – do employees really have the proper structure and support network to work effectively from home? And how can Steve crank out his 2nd quarter data report if he’s caring for his sick child?

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5 Ways to Protect Your Company from its Biggest Threat: Remote Workers

Posted by Ron Seibel on May 18, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce


It’s been front page news all week. “Global Cyberattack,” “Ransomware Attacks,” “Digital Insecurity Is the New Normal.” This week’s world-wide cyberattack by the Shadow Brokers infected computers in over 150 countries with ransomware. The message is, “We are out here and we want your data and your money.” However, the truth is that the greatest threat to the confidentiality of your company data is your remote worker with a USB device, a smartphone, and an unsecure Internet connection.

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