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What Remote Employees Can Do to Build Trust with Their Managers

Posted by Keith Fentress on Feb 22, 2018

Topics: Telework, remote manager, Telecommuting Policy, Home Office

By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

The foundation of any work relationship is trust. It used to be that your manager would give you assignments and, if you performed well, you would earn greater trust. Over time, you would be given more responsibility. This responsibility often came with more autonomy – the ability to make your own decisions about your work with less oversight. Gaining more autonomy has long been a key employee motivator. With the rise of remote work, autonomy takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of something that is earned through building trust, it now must be given automatically to remote employees.

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Flexible Workplaces – A Great Recruiting Tool

Posted by Donna Chaney on Jan 11, 2018

Topics: Flexible Workspace, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Telework, Telecommuting Policy, Home Office

Recruiting_Blog Title

By Donna Chaney, Senior Consultant

Employee mobility, telework, and flexible workspaces have been on the rise for the past decade (at least), and for good reason. These arrangements offer many benefits – enhanced collaboration opportunities, easier interaction among co-workers and managers, reduced space and facility costs, and increased employee satisfaction and work-life balance. But another benefit of flexible work offices is one that may not be immediately obvious. The ability to accommodate a range of work options and styles is a powerful recruiting tool, especially with professionals who may value flexibility and innovative office spaces over traditional work benefits.

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Time Management in the Home Office: Three Mind Hacks

Posted by Alison Jones on Dec 28, 2017

Topics: Telework, Home Office


By Alison Jones, Lead Consultant

When people hear that I work from home, they often say, “I could never do that. I’d be so distracted by all the stuff I could be doing around the house.” Yes, there are distractions in the home office, just as there are in any office. My version of the overly chatty and disruptive cubicle-mate is the dog who occasionally needs a walk, or the child who bursts in the door after a long day at school eager to tell me about his math test… of course when I’m deep in thought. Distractions are a part of life. Learning how to deal with them – and how to manage time effectively – is the key to being successful in any office. Below are three mind tricks – no fancy scheduler required - to help you manage your time, no matter what office environment you work in.

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Why You Should Go All-In on a Telework Policy

Posted by Danny Rupp on Nov 16, 2017

Topics: Space Transition, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Telework, Remote IT Support, Telecommuting Policy

By Danny Rupp, Web Developer/Architectural Designer

So after months – or even years – of deliberation and back and forth with employees, you’ve decided to allow telework in your office. But where do you begin? Do you just let people start working from home on random days? How will everyone know what is expected of them? Are there guidelines that employees should follow? And how do you balance the needs of the office and ensure that the spirit of the telework program is understood and followed?

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Is working from home killing your social life? 4 tips to stay engaged

Posted by Alison Jones on Oct 12, 2017

Topics: Virtual Workforce, Telework, Home Office


By Alison Jones, Lead Consultant

The other day, a colleague floated me an article about the Japanese concept of ikigai, which essentially translates into your “reason for being.” To achieve full ikigai, four parts of your life must align: your passion, your mission, your profession, and your vocation. When this happens, your life is lived with joy. The article goes on to talk about five areas of the world, sometimes referred to as Blue Zones, where people live the longest and seem to achieve ikigai. Okinawa and other longevity hotspots around the world have been identified as the Blue Zones. Studies show that one of the most important characteristics shared by these Blue Zones is a very high degree of social engagement.

As someone who has worked from a home office for 20 years, this got me thinking. Is working from a home office blocking my path to ikigai? Am I missing out on essential social interactions that could be happening every Monday through Friday from 9 to 5? And from a broader perspective, is the widespread use of the home office turning us into recluses who lack social skills, as we shave years off our lives?

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Working from a Home Office: Preparing for the Apocalypse

Posted by Trish Lomonosov on Sep 28, 2017

Topics: Telework, Telecommuting Policy, Home Office


By Trish Lomonosov, Senior Analyst / Planner

Pop quiz: What do the inauguration, rail shutdowns, a visit from Pope Francis, a major weather event, and large-scale protests all have in common? If you answered, “a crippling commute that requires end-of-the-day libations,” you are correct! We have all likely dealt with an apocalyptic commute that has nearly driven us to the brink of insanity. Thankfully, decision-makers in many organizations have had the foresight to balance the needs of the organization (GET WORK DONE!) and the employee (MAINTAIN SANITY WHILE GETTING WORK DONE!) on days like this by allowing employees to work from home. Some organizations are taking this a step further and are developing telecommuting policies that allow employees to work from home offices on a more regular basis. I would argue that this is a wise decision!

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3 Principles for the Remote Manager, Plus a Secret

Posted by Keith Fentress on Sep 14, 2017

Topics: Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce, Telework, Remote IT Support, remote manager



By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

This article focuses on the remote manager – and I’m not talking about the guy sitting down the hall in the big corner office who is psychologically distant and intimidating. I’m talking about the manager supervising staff members who are spread across multiple remote locations - something I’ve been doing for 30 years.

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Can Teleworking Solve Your Small Business Staffing Problems?

Posted by Alan Ruby on Sep 7, 2017

Topics: Space Transition, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Virtual Workforce, Telework


By Alan S. Ruby, Senior Architect

The monthly unemployment rate gets a lot of attention from the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and of course from the Federal Reserve. But there is another side of the employment coin that does not get as much attention. Still, it is a concern that is equally important to our nation’s economic well-being: filling empty positions with qualified employees to maintain full productivity.

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Six Workforce and IT Trends That Are Changing Remote IT Support

Posted by Ron Seibel on Aug 10, 2017

Topics: Space Transition, Mobile Workforce Solutions, Telework, Remote IT Support


By Ron Seibel, IT Manager

In my 25 years of providing IT support to remote workers, I’ve seen industry trends come and go. For example, in the early 1990s (pre-Internet), remote IT support included running second phone lines, installing modems in desktop PCs, and educating users on baud rates and handshaking protocols. Our company hosted a private dial-in bulletin board system for file sharing and we used floppy disks and Zip drives for storage. Today, remote support includes Internet router setup and providing remote file storage in this thing called the Cloud!

But what does the future hold for remote IT support and mobile workers? Here are six workforce and IT trends to consider when planning for the future.

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