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The Open Plan Office (and the Architectural Drafting Room) – Why Do They Continue to Thrive?

Posted by Alan Ruby on Sep 13, 2018

Topics: open office


By Alan S. Ruby, Senior Architect

The form and intended function of the modern open plan office has gone through several iterations since its advent in the 1960s. With each new iteration, previous examples have been viewed with scorn. The 21st century version of the open office has not been spared a similar level of contempt. So with all its well-documented deficiencies, why does it continue to thrive?

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Who’s the Boss in Your Open Office?

Posted by Keith Fentress on Apr 5, 2018

Topics: open office, Open Office Design


By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

I was recently visiting a client in an open office setting. She was giving me a tour of their newly designed space and led me to the workstation she reserved for the day. It was a standard open office workstation with a decent-sized work surface, large monitor, and a place for her to plug in a laptop and cell phone. She then said, “My manager’s workstation is over there.” Her manager’s workstation looked exactly the same as hers. “What’s the difference between a regular workstation and a manager workstation,” I asked? She replied, “Managers have permanent workstations and do not have to reserve them in advance.” I thought to myself, “Wow, times have changed.”

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Nosy Bosses, Loud Clothes, and the Office Outcast: Open Office Dilemmas

Posted by Mary Talley on Mar 15, 2018

Topics: open office, manners, workplace etiquette


By Mary Talley, Senior Analyst

After listening to my friend complain about the woman in the workstation next to her wearing so many bangles that she could not think straight due to the constant jingling of the woman’s bracelets (for which I can only think of two potential solutions – talk to her about it or get a sound machine!), I thought it may be time for another friendly reminder from Miss Open Office Manners herself. Enjoy.

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Open Offices Can Cause Anxiety - What Can Be Done?

Posted by Keith Fentress on Jan 25, 2018

Topics: open office, Space Transition Design Psychology, Open Office Design


By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

The open office has been heralded as a modern office layout that promotes collaboration, innovation, and a more flexible workplace. But is there a downside? The answer is yes – open offices can also promote anxiety.

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How to Combat the Spread of Germs in the Open Office Environment

Posted by Keith Fentress on Nov 24, 2017

Topics: open office


By Keith Fentress, Executive Consultant

I was in the grocery store the other day when a pharmacy announcement came on. “The holiday season is upon us. Come to the pharmacy to get your flu shot. In just a few days you will be mingling with family and friends who will be carrying germs, so get your shot today.” I made a beeline for the pharmacy and got the small prick of a shot and the cotton ball taped to my shoulder. I proceeded to strike up a conversation with the pharmacist who told me that when people go back to work after the holidays, especially in those “newfangled offices,” they mix all those germs together from everyone’s families. She went on to say that there is typically a wave of sickness after the holidays that spreads throughout the office. After hearing this, I would’ve had a dozen more shots if it would prevent me – and my family – from getting sick.

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3 Keys to a Successful Open Office Space Transition Project

Posted by Pam Kendall on Oct 19, 2017

Topics: open office, Space Transition, open office space transition project


By Pam Kendall, Senior Analyst

First a Starbucks on every corner… now open offices seem to be popping up everywhere! Are they just the latest trend or are they here to stay? No one really knows, but I can guarantee that if your company is thinking about making the move to an open office, you’ve come to the right place.

How do you keep your employees happy? How do you make sure your staff members continue to produce quality work? How does your company thrive in an open office? These are all important questions when considering a space transition project or when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of one.

Let’s discuss the 3 keys to helping you make it through unscathed.

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