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Kurt Schlauch

Kurt is a lead consultant and project manager with Fentress. He specializes in applying quantitative models to assess facilities and support organizational resource decisions. His personal interests include playing and coaching sports, skiing, and traveling with his wife and two children.

Recent Posts

Are Your Jurors Comfortable Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

Posted by Kurt Schlauch on May 17, 2018

Topics: courthouse design, Courtroom Design, courthouse adjacencies

By Kurt Schlauch, Lead Consultant

What are the odds that two court planning consultants, each with over 20 years experience in the same small company, had NEVER been called for jury duty? Further, what are the odds that they both would be called to serve for the first time at the same small county courthouse within several months of each other? AND both be selected to sit on the jury?

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Case Study: Even Judges Can Surrender Space to Save Money

Posted by Kurt Schlauch on Dec 14, 2017

Topics: Courthouse Processes and Planning, Courthouse Space Reduction and Utilization, Courthouse Space Standards and Functionality

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” - John Wooden

By Kurt Schlauch, Lead Consultant

Have you ever attended an overcrowded school? Shared a small cubicle at the office? Crowded space is a reality faced by many organizations, including courts. Judges and court managers responsible for controlling space occupancy and expenditures have a range of remedies at their disposal. For example, with advances in technology, courthouse space reduction has been accomplished by shrinking the size of libraries and file rooms. However, the largest quantity of space in many courthouses is associated with the judges — the courtrooms and chambers. Any effort to achieve courthouse space savings may need to address these judicial spaces as well.

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Blending In: How Can a Courthouse Design Reflect the Community?

Posted by Kurt Schlauch on Aug 17, 2017

Topics: Courthouse Aesthetics, Courthouse Processes and Planning, Courthouse Renovation/Construction/Economics

By Kurt Schlauch, Senior Consultant

I recently participated in an “industry day” for a new county courthouse project located in the community I grew up in. The event featured county officials and key stakeholders presenting information on the project background, intended timeframe, and selection criteria. One of the key selection criteria was how well the design connects to the history and character of the local community. More than just visually fitting in with the surrounding area, the architectural style must reflect the values of the citizens it serves and remind them of what makes their community unique.

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Courthouse Technology: Paper Files to Virtual Trials

Posted by Kurt Schlauch on May 25, 2017

Topics: Courthouse Space Reduction and Utilization, Courthouse Processes and Planning, Courthouse Technology

By Kurt Schlauch, Senior Consultant

It’s no secret that technology is transforming our daily lives. Phone booths have nearly vanished from urban landscapes (and with the rise in e-commerce, I have to wonder if shopping malls are far behind). With the tiny handheld units responsible for rendering phone booths obsolete, we can now order dinner, pay the mortgage, or hail a taxi.

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