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The first safety measure generally observed by visitors at a school is the security vestibule at the front entrance of the school. Security vestibules provide administrators with control over who has access to the interior of the school, thus providing an important line of defense. Yet not all...

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Security within our schools is everyone’s responsibility. Administrators, staff, students, and parents must take an “all hands on deck” approach to make sure that the schools and everyone within its walls are safe.


Safety is a basic human need. We take safety measures with our children daily by ensuring they buckle their seatbelts, wear helmets and pads, learn to swim, and understand safe internet usage. These precautions seem like second nature when our children are with us. But what about when the safety...


How can we keep our children safe? This is undoubtedly the most frequently asked question of parents when it comes to sending our most precious assets to school. As we continue to hear of school violence in the news, parents are constantly trying to invest in and understand ways to protect their...


Students and staff shelter in their respective classrooms when there is a lockdown drill or other emergency requiring shelter in place. So, having the ability to secure a classroom is critical.

One of the most important features for securing a classroom is the door. A person seeking to harm others...