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Morgan Sears

Morgan is a planner and data analyst with Fentress, Inc. She has a Master’s Degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice. She enjoys baseball, running and spending time with her husband and son.

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Most of us understand our responsibility to protect our most valuable assets. We take steps to implement safety and security measures to protect our homes and vehicles. When we leave the house for the day, many of us lock our doors and windows without giving it a second thought to keep intruders...


As the end of summer nears, our children will return to school. Every day we will put our children on a bus or drop them off at the front door of their school and think, “Will the school keep my child safe?”

My job as aschool security assessor enables me to evaluate school safety and security....


When it comes to school safety and security, it’s understandable that parents and their children can feel overwhelmed by the changes schools are making. Policies and procedures are constantly being updated, drills during the school day are becoming mandatory in more schools across the country, and...


One of the greatest pandemic-era challenges parents faced was how they would continue their child’s education. There is no question that COVID-19 transformed the landscape of K-12 schooling. Private school enrollment has reached its highest rate in a decade. This is due to people distrusting public...

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I have been fortunate enough to work in positions related to keeping schools safe, with one of them being a school resource officer. I wore many hats in my security role across multiple schools: protector, educator, mentor, and friend. Each played a pivotal part in making sure all of my students...