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Fido in the Home Office: Friend or Foe?

Posted by Trish Lomonosov on Mar 29, 2018

Topics: Home office dog


By Trish Lomonosov, Senior Analyst

All of us who work in home offices and have canine officemates have been there. That dreaded moment when it’s your turn to speak on the ever-so-important videoconference and you simultaneously hear the UPS guy turn onto your street. Your heart starts to race! Your palms begin to sweat! You silently recite prayers that the cool new shoes you’ve been eagerly awaiting arrive TOMORROW, not TODAY! But, alas, it’s not meant to be. As the UPS guy whistles his way up your sidewalk, your home office dog awakes from his dreamy slumber and immediately launches a DEFCON 1 warning, injecting every single ounce of his being into alerting you (and the participants of your videoconference) that your shoes have finally arrived. What follows is a very unprofessional moment that leaves you wishing you hadn’t ordered those dumb shoes after all. They’re not even really your style!

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