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Virtual Office in Paradise - Why Not?

Posted by Alan Ruby on Aug 30, 2018

Topics: virtual office, future office, home office design


By Alan S. Ruby, Senior Architect

Our company president recently forwarded me an article that was an opinion piece on the future of the office. The premise of the article was that the bricks-and-mortar office was here to stay despite its shortcomings, simply because virtual office options are just not realistic. I had just published my own article which offered a very different viewpoint. My article touted the benefits of the virtual office. As someone who has telecommuted for 15 years from “unrealistic” virtual office settings, let me explain.

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Home Office Design Tips from The Brady Bunch? Groovy!

Posted by Alison Jones on Apr 12, 2018

Topics: Home Office, home office design




By Alison Jones, Lead Consultant

My earliest memory of the home office comes from The Brady Bunch. Those of us old enough to remember this show (to be clear, I am barely old enough) will recall Mike Brady’s workspace nestled into a corner of the family’s den. A swing-arm lamp hovered over his drafting table, complete with architectural renderings and drawing implements. The den also included a love seat, fireplace, and leather club chairs. Now that’s my idea of a home office!

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